Nikolai Mavrenkov


Some of my pet projects

This is a site for charity organization Health&Help
DB Scheme
Simple tool for drawing relational database schemes
Morphological dictionary of Russian language, implemented using only static files.
Simple static site with irregular English verbs. Built using ReactJS on server and client sides.
Util for printing JSON documents in table maner
"hyperscript-like" library for React
Guess-Russia-Regions game
Just a little game about guessing regions of Russia. Based on idea of a game called “How Well Do You Actually Know The US States”. It's in Russian, buy the way.
Weather application build using React. It was a test assignment for a job interview in some company, now it's just a simple weather app for demonstration
Simple expenses tracking application; I am still working on it.
Pixel Resize
Simple tool for pixel-by-pixel images resizing. Could be usefull for resizing pixel art images
The Z Machine
Implementation of machine, described in post called “The two problems I had to solve in my Oxford interview” by John Graham-Cumming. I made it just for fun